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 No applications are being accepted at this time

To apply for Primal Therapy, please fill out the Questionnaire online and submit it to us. Along with your application, please include a two-page autobiography detailing the reasons why you want Primal Therapy, information about your parents and siblings, as well as key scenes from your life. Please attach a recent photograph of yourself. All correspondence must be in English.

All applicants under consideration for treatment must be interviewed before therapy begins. Your interview will be scheduled close to the time of your starting date.

Although the time needed for therapy varies considerably from person to person, you should prepare to spend at least three months in the vicinity of the Institute. However, many foreign patients make flexible follow-up arrangements after their intensive program is completed. During the first three weeks of treatment you must plan to be completely free of any job, school or family obligations to ensure your complete commitment to and concentration on your therapy.

TO NON-CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES:You need to be somewhat fluent in English, although naturally, your Primals may be in your native language. All groups and sessions are conducted in English.

There is a large community of people from all over the world who attend the Primal Institute. The patient population is a "melting pot" of nationalities and provides a comforting source of new friendships and support. People help each other with housing, schools, activities and interests. Useful information is posted on a large bulletin board at the Institute.


Contact our psychological clinic in Los Angeles, California, to find out more about our services.